WebMeteros Privacy Policy

WebMeteors is committed to the privacy policy of the customers and welcomes you for offering various services. For, this purpose we need your personal information.

Privacy policy or Policy
– What the Privacy Policy of WebMeteors explains?
– Why we collect the information?
– How we use the information?
– How we take steps for the protection of your information?

We collect our Privacy Policy information from our website www.webmeteors.com through service. We maintain your received information and provide you services accordingly.

How We Use The Information

– We use the information for a variety of reasons such as,
– To promote and maintain the services.
– For developing new products and features.
– To manage the relationship with our client.
– To provide you detailed reports about our services such as messages from admin, updates, and security.
– Prevent unauthorized access.

We’ll also use your data for other related purposes.

Personal Information We Collect:
When a user visits our site and signup we collect his/her information including your name, email, and address.

Tracking Technologies and Cookies
For the information collection, we use different technologies, such as cookies. We improve our experience and services by using cookies however, users can access our services without login details. Thus, you can restrict the browser from accepting cookies. Furthermore, you might not use all aspects if you don’t allow the cookies.

Access to Personal Information:
You can get a copy of the personal information held by WebMeteors. Whenever users want a copy of the personal information get in touch with us at webmeteors@gmail.com

Contact Information

If you have any queries about our Privacy Policy, don’t hesitate to contact us at webmeteors@gmail.com