Price By Quantity For WooCommerce

Do you want to create unlimited rule-sets with the help of quantity based pricing? Do you want to offer discount to your customers when they purchase items in a bulk? Price By Quantity allows you to set product price discount offer based on the quantity. Customers can see change of pricing when the change the product items in the pricing table. Customers will be engaged which results increasing the sales.

Price By Quantity supports 9 pricing table styles with different position including horizontal, vertical layout, and hover pricing table. Merchants can also show pricing table before, and after add to cart button, or showing in product tabs.

Key Features For Price By Quantity

– Give quantity based discount to your customers
– Works with simple and variable products
– Supports three pricing table layouts i.e. vertical, horizontal, and hover layout
– Supports three pricing table positions, i.e. before cart, after cart, and showing in tab
– Works with individual products and with categories
– Admin can restrict customers for checkout for min and max quantity
– Hide pricing summary and pricing table
– Allows to set min and max quantity

How it Works at Product Level?

At product level you have to add pricing table quantity value with discount. Then select the options as shown at the product page settings page. Merchants have two options to sell their product either in a fixed value or in percentage.

price by quantity at product level

How it Works at Category Level?

When you select Inherit option at the product level then it will work for category level settings.

price by quantity at category level

Price By Quantity for WooCommerce is developed with unique styles that suits your needs. If want to download this extension please Click Here: Price By Quantity For WooCommerce

Frontend Layouts

There are three frontend layouts by changing pricing table layout.

  1. Hover Table Layout
    When you select pricing table layout as ‘Hover Pricing Table’ customers will be able to see like this:

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Ankit Prajapati
Ankit Prajapati
2 years ago

plugin not working with savoy theme