Crowdfunding for WooCommerce

Crowdfunding for WooCommerce helps you to raise your fund for different occasions. You can collect donations for various reasons like NGOs, non-profit organizations, etc. However, you can fundraise through different sources such as, collect donations from public donors, colleagues, relatives, and others.

What Are The Benefits of Fundraising
– Add minimum and maximum value for fundraising.
– Set a targeted goal amount for your project.
– For your fundraising goal you can add the amount goal.
– However, you can enable or disable your campaign for the shop page.
– Order status for fundraising received goal.

How To Customize The Crowdfunding?
Add a new product on the product edit page select the product data as, Crowdfunding. Here, personalize the settings under the product tabs.

crowdfunding settings at product page

Minimum Contribution
Add the minimum amount set for donors. Although, you can mention restricting the contributor for an specific amount required to contribute.
Maximum Contribution
Add the maximum amount set for donors. However, you can specify the maximum amount for donation.
Set Target Amount
You can set a target amount that is required for your project.
Amount Description
Clarify the purpose of donation, why do you want to raise the funds?

Crowdfunding – General Settings

After installation and activation, you can see the necessary options as described below
Disable For Shop
When you check this option it will hide the campaign from the shop page.
Redirect After Contribution
Meanwhile a user visits your site now it’s up to you where do you want to redirect your user either:
– Redirect to checkout
– Redirect to cart
Order Status
It will affect your targeted amount bar for the order status goal. Thus, admin can choose one of the options for order status such as,
– Order is completed
– Order is processing
– Order is pending
– Order is on hold

crowdfunding general settings

Crowdfunding Label Settings
You can see the following options for Crowdfunding label settings.
Contribution Button Label
Add a custom name for the contribution button label.
Contribution Button Label For Shop
You can also type custom text for the contribution button label for the shop page.
Campaign Ending Label
You can set the Campaign ending label text by your choice.
Contribution Label
Add text for your campaign contribution label.
Cart Validation Warning
Add your text for the cart validation warning.
Total Contributors Label
Type text for total contributors label.
Target Amount Exceed Warning
However, you can also add target amount exceed warning text.

crowdfunding labels settings

Crowdfunding Color Settings
In the color settings of Crowdfunding, you can see the following options.
Progress Bar Color
It is visible at the front-end therefore you can change color by your choice.
Box Color
Select the color of the box displays at the front-end.
Box Border Color
Select the color for your box border.

crowdfunding colors settings

Fundraising Front-end View
When a donor visits your page he can see the Title of your goal, why do you want to collect the donations? How much amount you have targeted? and how many contributors have already contributed? etc.

crowdfunding frontend view


Crowdfunding for WooCommerce provide you solution for fundraising so that you can get your targeted goal. Furthermore, if you want to collect the donations you can set your target by restricting donors with minimum and maximum amount.

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3 years ago

Is the linking of products a way of offering “rewards” like true crowdfunding? If so, can those products be variable, as I might want to offer a t-shirt as reward and t-shirts tend to fit better if I capture a size!!

Reply to  Web Meteors
3 years ago

So it supports simple products as rewards? Are these the linked products?

Dare I suggest that often a crowdfunding project offers t-shirts as a reward. Given sizing requirements, it is by definition a variable product in a single reward.

Alternatives who support variable product do so by setting the attributes as “reward 1/2/3” etc. A Mug/t-shirt/poster/widget are NOT common attributes of a single variable – and in any case I cannot capture size, so with 4 sizes, 3 colours, I’d have 12 t-shirt rewards!

I’d further suggest that the Crowdfunding “Campaign” should allow allocation of a variety of products, so simple, variable, virtual, downloadable, tickets, (indeed any type) should be associated with any individual campaign.

3 years ago

This looks very interesting! I personally would want to use something like this to collect funds from interested customers before I start to build a larger digital product (e.g. online course). One question: Do customers/donors pay immediately or after the crowdfunding goal is achieved?

Reply to  Web Meteors
3 years ago

Okay, thank you for clarifying. I was thinking about “all or nothing” crowdfunding campaigns, because the funds are needed to build the actual product. That is the classic Kickstarter model.

And if you already collect the money and the goal is not reached in the end, all the donors will need to get their money back.

Kickstarter’s model is: People pledge their payment/donation and only if the goal is reached, they actually pay. Downside of that model is of course that a certain percentage might not pay after all. But I think that would be negligible.

So right now this addon would not be a fit for me, but it is still useful for all campaigns, that don’t have a minimum goal of course.

Maybe you would consider adding the other model in the future?

Reply to  Jan
3 years ago

Jan, I have looked everywhere for a Kickstarter/Indiegogo et al style WooCommerce plugin extension that supports multiple products (of all types and particularly variable products) as rewards.

In 7-8 years not found one that has it right! Nor can I find a developer to write to my spec!

Reply to  Web Meteors
3 years ago

OK, so you only support “get all you get” campaigns – that is more like “gofundme” fundraising for a cause.

Crowdfunding typically works on an all or nothing style, where you have to secure your target to get any funds. It’s easiest done by preauthorising payment and only transacting the purchase of a reward when the target is reached. As described this plugin appears more like a donation/fundraising, rather than crowdfunding.

3 years ago

Is there a progress bar that is built in? No image showing it.